Investor Relations

Investor Relations

Investor Overview

Northern Power Systems (TSX: NPS) is driving long-term growth through a combination of direct sales of its advanced energy technology offerings and strategic partnerships.  Northern Power Systems is headquartered in Vermont, USA with a globally diverse expanding base of customers. Effective April 14, 2014, we became a U.S. SEC registrant. Effective April 22, 2014, our common shares commenced trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX). Click here to sign-up to receive news and updates about Northern Power Systems.

All stock quotation information on our website is in Canadian dollars (CAD). Northern Power Systems is a U.S headquartered SEC registrant. As such, our financial reporting currency is the U.S. Dollar and we prepare our financial results in conformity with U.S. Generally Accepted Accounting Principles.

Latest SEC/SEDAR Filings

Disclosure documents filed by Northern Power Systems with the Canadian securities regulatory authorities are available on the SEDAR website.

Filing Description Date Filed Size View
NT 10-Q Notification that form type 10-Q will be submitted late 15 Aug 2016 24.9 KB
8-K Report of unscheduled material events or corporate changes. 10 Aug 2016 20.8 KB
DEF 14A Official notification to shareholders of matters to be brought to a vote (Proxy) 05 Aug 2016 505.8 KB
8-K Report of unscheduled material events or corporate changes. 02 Aug 2016 18.7 KB